Hugo Nielsen

Russian-Danish trading house

What we can offer

Business growth

We can help your business grow by connecting you with the ideal supplier or buyer for your needs

New market

We can help you navigate in the new market by finding PR companies and buyers to increase sales and for your products to be recognized in the new market.

Listing in chain

We can help your company get a listing in a national chain by contacting business representatives in that industry. We will arrange the meetings and help you close the deal.

Our mission

Hugo Nielsen International is a trader between Russia and Denmark. Our company is a bridge between these two countries. We work with a big variety of industries. Russia, as the biggest country in the world, has a lot of developing businesses. With our knowledge and links, we can manage to implement these opportunities in Denmark. We can create successful partnerships and profitable relations between these two countries.




Our specialists

Martin Poulsen


Thomas Poulsen




As Denmark is scarce on It-Specialists, Russia can offer a lot of highly qualified workers that are ready to move to Denmark. Russia holds some of the best It-Specialists that speak fluent English and can easily establish a comfortable environment around themselves in Denmark. We work with several danish It-recruitment companies and offer them our service. 


One of our main sector is importing Biomass fuel from Russia, such as: ecological wooden pellets and wooden granulas for energy generation. We have a list with the best Russian Biomass producers holding the SBP certificate.


Motorica Group and Metiz Group are the leaders in the prosthesis industry not only in Russia. We have started working with them in order to assure better quality prosthesis to those that are in need of them in Denmark.

Wine, champagne

Our company has had great success in importing wines and champagnes from Russia and was able to change the view on them. The best wines from Russia are now present in the danish market.

Vodka, Gin

The genuine and best vodka is being imported from the Russian spirits companies. We import a variety of different spirits with different tastes from both the cheap end the best and most expensive spirits.

Chocolate, tea, coffee

We work with the biggest producers in Russia with the most famous consumables to achieve success in Denmark in selling the products.

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